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About us

Yingmeida Hardware factory is a manufacturer integrating production and sales,It Specializes in manufacture of bathroom metal fittings,bathroom clamps,bathroom handles,construction engineering (handrail、staircase、column、stair armrest)and so on,We can also provide customized products according to your design.
Yingmeida hardware products factory will be advanced technology ,scientific management and the advantages of stable quality, reasonable price and excellent service commitment ,as always dedicated to the broad masses of old and new customer service ,and seek common development.


Our products:
1) Bathroom and kitchen room hardware and accessories:
Floor spring series, door closer series, glass door clip series, glass door handle series / bathroom glass clip series, waterproof series / hanging wheel series / stair handrail series / glass door / lock / automatic door series, sliding door series
2) Furniture hardware and accessories:
Drawer slide series / invisible hinge series / gas spring series / hinge series / furniture lock series / furniture handle series / furniture leg series / castor series
3)Building hardware and accessories:
Stair handrails/columns/floor hinges/ glass clippings /iron stairs
We can assure you:
1. Consistent and uniform quality of the products.
2. The goods are within our agreed time.
3. the most competitive price to guarantee the quality of our products.
4. Production capacity to meet your needs at any point in time.
5. customize products based on your own requirements, designs, specifications or samples of you.